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Sunday, July 24, 2016

DARC at ICMS 2017 (Kalamazoo)

EXARC will be hosting a session at ICMS 2017 in Kalamazoo in May 2017.  If you have been doing exarc and want to talk about it, we'd love to hear from you.  Note that a written paper is *NOT* required.

Archaeology & Experiment: Moving beyond the artifacts (papers)
Experimental archaeology moves beyond the artifacts, allowing researchers to examine the underlying question of "how" related to artifact finds.  Ideally, experiments can provide a preliminary answer to the question "Does this theory of how it was done actually work". A keystone of experimental archaeology (and a differentiator from reenactment/recreation) is that it follows the scientific method of question, setup, and result - whether that result is positive or negative.  Presentations in this session will be expected to review all three key elements in the discussion of their paper.  Papers submitted for these sessions would be good candidates for publication in the EXARC Journal.

Proposals are due by 15 Sep, 2016 and should be sent to me ( Proposal forms are available at


  1. Does anyone know what happened to Darrell and Wareham Forge re: ICMS this year? He was on the schedule but there was a sign by his empty space in the Exhibition area that said only that there was a border problem and his website. No info on the site that I was able to find.

  2. He was denied entry by a border guard and thus could not attend. Anything more than that should wait for him to comment on further on his own blog.