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Friday, April 30, 2010

A ROUGH site plan

This is a site plan of the Encampment Compound as it exists at L'Anse aux Meadows NHSC.
To prepare this, I worked from the scaled architect's drawing of the compound, as it was proposed in the early 1980's. To this I added the room dimensions from the archaeology from Wallace's Westward Vikings.
I had a long talk with Loretta Decker, the site manager at LAM on Wednesday, and the current uses for the various spaces are indicated. Typically Parks has 3 costumed staff in place (Mark as smith, Bonnie as textiles, Mike as chieftain), and rarely more than 5 or 6. This then puts Parks staff at Main 4 / Main 1 and Dwelling.

Loretta has suggested she would like to see DARC integrate fairly closely with the existing interpretive staff. This rather than the more 'arms length' arrangement our original scenario had proposed.

- Weaving would be centred on Main 4, with both looms set up and working if space permits (just ours if not).
- Iron working would shift over to Furnace, with some smithing, but primarily preparation for the smelt
- Main 3, normally not staffed, would contain our woodworking, possible carving
- Dwelling would contain our food preparation, and also our night storage.

Storage could be outfitted as Slave Quarters
Main 2 is available as a station
Main 1 would remain primarily as Parks, with spill over from DARC likely
Interior Yard is likely for domestic tasks like clothes washing

The facing for the three tents is indicated by the arrows:
A - Trade and Games
B - Lathe
C - Bondi (kids?)

I still have to work up the exact placement of the various skills, primary and secondary. Also alternates for foul weather. I suspect that many activities will be easy to move outside as well, so positions there need to be determined as well. A balance between the core team and the additionals, alternate positions during experimental archaeology demonstrations.

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