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Sunday, February 17, 2019

DARC at Upper Canada Village : 2018

These images are just some of the ones made by Kelly Probyn-Smith, at DARC's 2018 presentation at Upper Canada Village Medieval Festival.

From the rear of Camp : Beadmaking & Foodways
Rear section of Camp : Foodways / Carving / Woodworking
Cordwork with tent interior
Treadle Lathe
Warp Weighted Loom
Story Telling / Music with tent interior
Woodworking / Carving
Spinning with tent interior

These images were selected (by me) from a very large number (about 200) as ones that best illustrated the primary activities demonstrated in our presentation.  Also chosen with an eye to showing interaction with the public. (Also attempting have at least fairly good images of the individual members themselves - not always easy to achieve all three factors!)

The reason for undertaking this is that this year UCV is requiring all involved to submit a formal 'Request for Quotes' document. This includes images showing the overall camp, individual demonstrations and public involvement. This is likely more a formality than a competition in the case of DARC. There simply is no other Viking Age re-creation group in Canada with our depth of presentation experience and individual research.

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