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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

The Lady in Blue

The Lady in Blue-Bláklædda Konan: the textiles. National Museum of Iceland.
contributions from Michele Hayeur Smith (textile analysis), Greg Rebis (illustration) and Kevin Smith (dating the grave).

This article is largely co-written by DARC's old friends Michele Hayeur Smith and Kevin Smith. Michele and Kevin are archaeologists with a long history of working in Iceland, and in this article they take on the Lady in Blue. In 2014, some remains of the Lady's body and grave goods were found in the National Museum of Iceland. Throughout 2014 and 2015, an extensive project was undertaken to reconstruct the life, death and identity of this early Icelander.

I found the detailed level of analysis available in the article, and the science that clearly went into it to be fascinating. Some of it goes right over my head, some of it leaves me jealous of the opportunities that Kevin and Michele have to work this close to historical detail! Well written, easy to understand and very carefully analyzed, this article is a great read. I can almost picture the life of the Lady in Blue in early Icelandic history.

The article is available at this site: