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Thursday, February 23, 2017


It occurred to me that it is worth talking a bit about podcasts.  I've been listening to a few lately and I would be interested in hearing about your favorites.


If you aren't already a fan... go there now, download an episode and put it on in the background while you finish reading this blog.  Go on. 

Sagathing is two medieval history profs out of the US (John and Andy).  They are working their way through the family sagas.  Episodes run 60 to 90 minutes.  Usually 1-2 episodes per saga although they are headed into episode 10 about Njal's Saga.  Each saga is summarized and discussed, then judged on a number of criteria including 'best bloodshed' and 'best nickname'.  The interaction between the two podcasters is quite enjoyable.  While I'm sure they have a plan for a given episode I doubt there is a script.  The conversation really makes this a very enjoyable podcast although I miss the ability to talk back to them.  I look forward to each new episode.

Viking Age

I've just started this one. I'm up to episode 10 so although I have heard enough to comment it is certainly possible that as I work through episodes 11-27 that the podcast may change.  This is one host and it very much comes across as a recorded, scripted lecture.  It makes it easy to drift off while he is talking.  The content is reasonable enough and I expect to learn some things as we move forward.  The podcast begins with the settlement of Scandinavia back before 10000 BCE.  The first half dozen episodes (a half hour each give or take) move through the various timeperiods up to an including the iron age.  Episode 7 gets into the viking era.  Worth a listen so far but not at all like Sagathing.

Archaeology Podcast Network

The Archaeology Podcast Network hosts 17 archaeology focused podcasts.  I have listened to one of them so far.  If you have listened to others I'd love to hear your opinion of them.


This podcast has a small team consisting of two Chris' who bring in various guests to talk about specific topics.  Recent podcasts have included drones, VR, and 3D printing.  Episodes run around an hour and the conversation tends to be fun and interactive.

Naked Archaeology

I also listened to a few episodes of this now defunct series of half hour podcasts.  Some fun topics in there, it makes me sad they didn't keep going.

Indiana Jones: Myth, Reality, and 21st Century Archaeology

Like Viking Age this is a single speaker but all of the episodes I have heard have been him interviewing different people.  He isn't the best interviewer I've heard and the interactions come of very stilted.  I have been cherry-picking episodes as I find ones where the topic grabs my interest.  Very focussed on the US archaeology industry.

Alright - your turn. What archaeology or Viking Era podcasts do you listen to and what do you think of them?

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