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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Hotel Valhalla Guide to Norse Worlds

This was a midwinter's gift from my lovely wife and I finally got around to reading it.  Designed to accompany Rick Riordan's "Magnus Chase" books this volume provides additional background information on the Norse afterlife.

It is clearly aimed at a young adult level and its 150 pages don't exactly take a long time to read.  It does review many of the Gods, mystical and fantastical beasts.  These reviews are both light hearted and informative.  Clearly my own research is now out of date as I hadn't known for example that the dwarfs of Nidavellir now accept most major credit cards when purchasing many of the wonderful things they make.

The interviews provided by Snorri Sturlusson of several Gods and beings are certainly up to his normal writing standards.

All in all if you have an hour free this book makes a nice light read that adds a smile and several bits of amusingly fictitious data to your life.

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