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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

DARC at ICMS 2015

DARC was approved to host two sessions at the ICMS in May.

Archaeology & Experiment: Moving beyond the artifacts (papers)
Experimental archaeology moves beyond the artifacts, allowing researchers to examine the underlying question of "how" related to artifact finds.  Ideally, experiments can provide a preliminary answer to the question "Does this theory of how it was done actually work". A keystone of experimental archaeology (and a differentiator from reenactment/recreation) is that it follows the scientific method of question, setup, and result - whether that result is positive or negative.  Presentations in this session will be expected to review all three key elements in the discussion of their paper.  Papers submitted for these sessions would be good candidates for publication in the EXARC Journal.

Archaeology Unearthed: Hands on history demonstrations
 Many literary scholars see history in isolation from the artifacts and processes of the period under study. Adding a demonstration of techniques and technologies that have been understood or reproduced using Experimental Archaeological methods allows attendees of ICMS to enhance their appreciation of the underlying artifacts and technologies.  This session will showcase 2-4 technologies allowing session attendees to circulate among the demonstrations and discuss them with the presenters. 

If you would like to present in either session please reach out to Neil to discuss the topics....

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