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Sunday, July 29, 2012

My favourite things

I'm hoping this theme will be picked up by some of the others in DARC and over the next few days you'll see more of this sort of thing.

Like I think many others will say - there is clearly more than one favorite moment for me, and I'm sure I'll think of more of them as I see others posting.

Good Newfoundland food at Northern Delight - cod tongues, scallops, those amazing mussels, wonderful fish and chips, friendly waitresses - and especially the last night dinner with all of us still in costume.

Good times with good friends - both on site playing games with new friends like Luta my tafl partner for the week, or in the evenings unwinding with Zombie dice.  Beer and chats about this or that viking topic or even more fun - viking idea.

Talking to tourists - trying to sell gently used necklaces, arrange marriages, and whatnot in first person. Getting into heavier conversation on the deep background of artefacts, or cultural elements in third person.  Swapping tales of visits to Iceland or Sweden (usually in third person).  That special moment of having fun with someone in first person when they just "get it" and spend a few minutes working with you in first person to tease their daughter about getting married, or their husband for not carrying enough silver - then having a question from them and dropping to third person to get into more background.  So much fun.

"Swimming" in the north atlantic at the end of a hot day (ok so the water is only knee deep).  Then wading over to the river outflow to rinse your feet in the fresh water before putting the viking shoes back on to go back to the houses.

Single most chuckle worthy moment?  Meeting a fellow who bought a Tafl game in England and got home to find the instructions missing.  He did a lot of web work and playing with his kids to try and figure it out.  We were getting pretty deep into some of the rule sets and variations when his eyes opened and he said "You're that guy! Can we play a game?"  Turns out most of what he read came back to my original article from the 90s on reconstructing the rules.

Sitting up in the visitor's center - making beads and talking about the history of the beads. 


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