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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Rocks melt good!

Saturday was our last practice smelt before the CanIron presentation on July 28.

A nice simple smelt using the econo-norse-in-a-can design, that was extremely well behaved giving us no grief at all until the very end when we went to pull the bloom.

We need to finish up the notes and add this (and other) smelts to the website but around 26 Kg of Virginia rock ore were melted down into a bloom that consolidated down to around 5.5 lbs.

Hopefully we can get a photo or two posted onto the blog soon.



  1. What do you guys do with all the iron you've smelted over the years? Got a bunch of blooms collecting dust? or have you made something with them?

  2. Currently there are several HUNDREDS of pounds of blooms collected up from over a decade of experiments.
    To date only a few have been compacted down to blocks, then forged to working bars. A couple of knives and a currency bar have been made.
    There is data to be recovered on the bloom to bar phase - then further from bar to object...